The Need

According to a United Nations on Drugs and Crime report, nearly a third of human trafficking victims are children. It is estimated the 2 million children are subject to prostitution in the global commercial sex trade. Additionally, due to social taboos and gaps in school curriculums, students in Ontario are not taught concepts on consent, gender based violence, sexual harassment, or protecting yourself from online predators, making them more prone to harm in their future.


How We Help

In the final stage of our project, we partnered with local high schools, where we run workshops that tackle the present and future hurdles youth face as they enter adulthood. Each workshop is tailored to 3 main demographics: young women, general youth, and LGBTQ+ youth. Our workshops pertain to the issues faced by each demographic and include lessons on self esteem, violence against all genders and communities, economic justice, financial literacy and human rights. After going through our workshop, students are offered an opportunity to gain volunteer hours by assisting in the manufacturing process of our reusable menstrual pads.


Our Progress

Since launching in March 2018, 68 youth have been educated through our workshops. We are currently working with our local school board to expand our reach within our community.