The Need

Human trafficking generated over 32 billion dollars this year, making it the second largest criminal industry in the world. Worldwide, 85% of domestic abuse victims are women, and 70% of women will experience physical or sexual abuse during their lifetime.  When you hear these statistics, you might imagine that this only happens overseas; however, due to its proximity to the United States, Windsor serves as a gateway and destination for victims of human trafficking, making this problem especially prominent in our city. Even after victims of trafficking, trauma, addiction, and abuse have overcome their circumstances, they are still at risk. It can be extremely difficult to re-integrate into society after a life of abuse, with a lack of financial education being the number one reason for returning to their abusers.


How We Help

Women in our city who come from these circumstances are referred to us by our partner organizations: WEFight, The Downtown Mission, and the House of Sophrosyne. We provide our clients with one-on-one consultation to address the social challenges they face, while taking them through a business curriculum with sessions covering topics such as healthy relationships, mental health, and financial literacy.


Our Progress

Since The Liberty Project’s inception, we have had 17 survivors graduate the program, distributing over $12,000 in wages, and are welcoming 9 new clients in the fall semester.