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The Need

In a world where 85% of women who leave their abuser return, a substantial proportion of women attribute this to their inability in dealing with finances as their abuser often has all the economic control. For these reasons, women experience a decline in living standards and security of life for themselves and their children after they escape the industry because they lack the job experience and education that employers search for.


A particularly prevalent but often overlooked issue is one of the most basic part of life for women - menstruation. This uncontrollable part of life is a pronounced burden for the 63 million females worldwide that suffer from life-threatening infections caused by the lack of proper sanitary products. In developing countries, girls will miss 20% of their academic year becase of their period. Every day women are still struggling without sanitation resulting in lost work, inadequate schooling, and poor health.


How We Help

After going through our consulting program, our clients have the opportunity to gain practical employment experience through our social enterprise. We hire them to manufacture reusable menstrual pads that are sent to women in developing nations, where menstrual products are either unavailable or unaffordable. While gaining this work experience through our social enterprise, we aim for our clients to find permanent full-time employment so that they may have a sustainable and long-lasting career.


Partnering with Students Offering Support, Golden Future, and Rotary Club LaSalle Centennial has helped The Liberty Project to expand our reach to Nicaragua, Guatemala, South Africa, and Ethiopia. The impact our reusable pads have had on the lives of these women has proven to be tremendous. For some, it is allowing a young girl to continue her education without interruption, and for others, it is going back to work every day to provide for her family. With a shelf life of 5 years, our pads provide a safe, eco-friendly solution that helps to prevent dangerous parasites and skin diseases that often prevent women from reaching their full potential.


Our Progress

With The Liberty Project running for only one year, it has created approximately 1,750 reusable menstrual pads, repurposing over 250 pounds of clothing, and diverting over 38,000 pounds of waste.